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Abstract City Map

Abstract Squares Pattern

Pink and Black Abstract

Red Sky Abstract

Arial Maze Abstract

Geometric Yellow Abstract

Alien Space Wars

Space Invaders

Yellow Sunflower

Rainbow Light

Kaleidoscope Abstract


Japanese Woodblock Pop Art Prints

Forest Trees in Highgate Wood

Shin Detonator Extract Pages

Oil pastel on white

Black Ivory 2 Oil Transfer Drawings

Digital collage

Garden photography

Black Ivory 1 Coloured drawings

Digital drawings

Photo Digital Pop Art

Acoustic Guitar

City Abstract

Black Ivory 2 Digital Pop Art

Black Ivory 2 Yellow paper

Exhibition Posters

Man face digital

Man face original

Black Ivory Currency Notes

After Andy Warhol Soup Cans

Black Ivory Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Black Ivory 2 Originals

Pablo Picasso Attack Posters

Evolution of Birds Posters

Black Ivory 1b

Black Ivory Issue 1b related

Tissue Paper Saga

Pencil Scribble Texture

Bird Fights

Gridismjr bandw


Elbow Sisters 2nd

Gridismjr Colour

Vivid Abstract Art

Abstract digital

Digital crowd

Archival from lollydom days

Black Ivory Horse

I was born in a mine

Sailors Pet Sunset

Black Ivory General

Self General

Esais Table

Self oil pastels

Hands Portrait

Fists Portrait

Chicken Biscuit

Chicken Biscuit Digital

Two Goats

Single Horse

Field Workers

Dog Watcher


Cat scene

Pencil Squares Black

Pencil Squares

Black and Digitally Whitened Paper

Black Ink on Yellow

Bare Knuckle Boxer Digital

Bare Knuckle Boxer Originals

Poet reading to the wind clouds oil paintings

Poet reading to wind clouds Drawings and Digital

Duck Pond Seasonals

Duck Pond Originals


Violin Player

Rite of Spring Lined

Self Coloured Oil Transfer Drawing

Self Pencil

After Billy Childish Black Oil Drawings

Reclining Male Nude Black and White

Reclining Male Nude Painting

Male nude standing crouched Luminous Posters

Male nude standing crouched Monochrome

Male nude standing crouched

How the leopard got his spots oil painting OTDs

How the leopard got his spots digital and drawings

How the Camel Got His Hump Oil OTD Paintings

How the Camel Got His Hump Digital and Drawings

After Billy Childish Painting OTDs

After Billy Childish Pencil Drawings

After Childish Edgeworth Oil Transfer Drawings

After Childish Edgeworth Black and White Digital Art

After Childish Edgeworth Drawings

White on Black Digital General

How the Whale Got His Throat Oil Paint